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What's That Dial!?

The sensitivity dial is one of the biggest misconceptions about our dog training devices. Often mistaken for a volume dial, the customer gets the unit home and cranks it all the way up hoping to silence the dog's barking once and for all. But by turning the dial all the way up they are unknowingly causing more harm to the training process than good.

The sensitivity dial tells the bark control device how far it needs to “listen” for the dog's bark, so when the dial gets turned all the way up the unit is “listening” 75 feet away for sounds, causing the device to activate by outside noises. This is ok when the Dog is 75 feet away, but when the dog is right next door the device can become ineffective and could cause the barking to increase.

Dog Silencer Max® sensitivity dial explanation diagram

What you want to do is make sure you have a clear line of sight, and as accurately as possible, gauge how far the unit is to the dog. So, if the dog is within 25 feet of the unit the sensitivity dial only needs to be about a ¼ of the way up, this ensures that there are few-to-no false activations, which allows the dog to learn and be trained that their barking is what's causing the annoying ultrasonic sound.

By allowing for adequate training time, and positioning the dial in the correct place in correlation to the distance of the dog you will be 100% satisfied with the peace and quiet that you've been longing for.

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