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WarmPet™ Infrared Heated Pet Mat

WarmPet uses safe and gentle infrared heat to keep your pet comfortable all year long, indoors or outdoors. This type of therapy is great for pets with orthopedic issues, or any pet that just enjoys a warm place to curl up during the winter months.

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Why You'll Love WarmPet

Soothe sore muscles, stiff joints, and cold paws.

This infrared pet heating mat outputs heat that contains no electromagnetic radiation (EMF). Its ultra-flexible, carbon-film design can easily be placed inside, below, or on top of your pet's bed to keep them warm and cosy all day and night.

Infrared therapy is wonderful for pets with chronic pain – not to mention it's a safe way to stay comfortable. WarmPet can be used all year long, indoors or out.


Dog resting on a warm, cosy rug. The rug is shaggy and bright purple.


Ease Pain and Increase Comfort

WarmPet's infrared heat can help ease arthritis, inflammation, and other joint problems while keeping your pet comfortable.

Safe and Radiation-Free

Unlike most heated dog beds, this pet heating pad radiates gentle infrared heat without the risk of harmful EMF radiation  .

Additional Features

Edge-To-Edge Warmth

Along with EMF, electric coils cause uneven heating. WarmPet is made with a flexible, carbon-fiber film that fills the entire surface of the mat. This eliminates hot spots!

Built To Last

Waterproof, durable, and designed with your pet in mind. Perfect for use indoors or out – even in cold and damp weather.

Where to Use It

Use WarmPet anywhere your pet likes to rest

Use it indoors for crates, dog beds, people beds, sofas, and other furniture – even right on the floor. WarmPet can be used anywhere near an outlet, and it's even great for travelling.

Use it outdoors for kennels, dog houses, barns, garages, patios, and porches.

When using any warming mat in a confined area, make sure your pet has enough room to move away from the mat if they need to.

Upgrade your pet's favourite bed.
Make your pet's home more comfy.
Provide soothing warmth for chilly afternoons.

How It Works

What makes WarmPet the best?

Traditional heating pads are made with small, electronic coils. They only produce heat where the coils are present, which leads to uneven hot spots.
Our infrared mat is made with a flexible carbon fiber film that fills the entire surface of the mat.

Old-fashioned heating coils give out high amounts of EMF which can cause health problems over time.
WarmPet heats gently by using carbon fiber film. This technology emits very little to no EMF, plus infrared waves have been shown to heal.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Risk free. Your problem will be solved within 60 days or we'll happily refund the product price.

Video: Learn More About WarmPet

Learn more about what makes WarmPet the safest, coziest addition to your pet's favorite relaxing spot.

Details and Specs

Dimensions59.7 cm L × 42 cm W × 0.31 cm Thick
Weight< 1 kg
Cord Length1.2 cm
Voltage120/140 v
Consumption40 W
Current3 amps
Max Temperature37.8–40° C
After Purchase
Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What's Included

  • WarmPet™
  • Washable / Removable Fleece Cover


  • How is infrared radiation beneficial? Isn’t radiation bad?

    Not all forms of radiation are negative for animals and humans. For example, the sun radiates heat to us constantly. This allows us to live!

    Studies (including this one) have shown that infrared waves are able to “promot[e] a wide range of therapeutic benefits in cells or tissues” and that their “application[s] have clear clinical benefits.” Infrared waves have even been found to be beneficial to patients with cancer.

  • What is infrared heat?

    Infrared rays are waves of energy that are invisible to the naked eye. These penetrate the surface of the skin and gently warm the pet’s body-surface temperature up to 110° F (43.3° C). This activates the body's systems and functions, like the immune system, towards healing.

  • Isn't this just another heating pad?

    No, it's so much better! Unlike most heating pads that only heat the area around the coils, WarmPet is made with the latest infrared-heating technology that covers the pad's full surface area. No more hot spots.

  • Does this infrared pet mat produce any electromagnetic radiation?

    Unlike traditional electronic coil heating pads which produce very high amounts of EMF, WarmPet produces little to none.

  • This pet bed is very thin, will it break if I bend it?

    No, our infrared mat is very flexible and durable. You can even roll it up for easy storage while not in use.

  • Can I use an extension cord?

    For best results (and to prolong the life of your WarmPet) we recommend plugging the mat's cord directly into the wall. Non-approved extension cords may damage your WarmPet.

  • How long can WarmPet stay plugged in?

    This infrared heating pad is self-regulating and draws very little power, but we do suggest that you unplug it while not in use.

  • Is the WarmPet waterproof?

    Although we do not recommend submerging your WarmPet in water, it has been tested at immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 3′ (1 m).

  • Will WarmPet stay warm in cold weather?

    Yes, WarmPet has been tested to work in very cold weather and still maintain warmth.

  • Can I cover the pad with my own blanket?

    Yes, you may use your own cover. Just remember that the more you cover it, the less warmth will get through to your pet. Also, do not cover the infrared pad with a solid item like furniture.

  • Can I use WarmPet without a cover?

    Yes, but your pet may be more comfortable laying on a soft cover.

  • Can WarmPet be used inside a doghouse?

    Of course! Just be sure to properly route the power cord (you may need to drill a small hole in the side of the dog house).

  • Is this safe for pets with incontinence problems?

    Yes. WarmPet is completely waterproof, so if your pet urinates on the pad he will not be shocked or harmed in any way. You can also remove the fleece cover for washing, and clean the inner black plastic with a damp cloth.


Protection Plans

2-Year Protection Plan

No manufacturing defects for 2 years or we will replace it hassle-free!
$8.95 USD

3-Year Protection Plan + Accident Coverage

3 Years of protection not only from manufacturing defects, but also a free “oops!” replacement as well!
$13.95 USD